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Please, take a few minutes to browse through our selection of the World's finest quality,
100% American-Made
, freshwater fishing lures and accessory items.
Our product-selection includes lures specially designed for; Bass, Walleye, Crappie, Northern Pike and Muskie too.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit with us; and that you'll find that "SPECIAL" lure
(or that "Special" GIFT) you've been looking for, for so long!
You'll find our prices are extremely competitive;
and our QUALITY & SERVICE is second to none.

Thank you for your interest in the ZAP Custom Lure Company™ and our product lines.

Questions or comments?
Please ~ send us an email, at:
or call us at:
1 419 475 2621



Credit-Card information, that is obtained when an order is placed; is never maintained in any
company files (hard copy or electronic) after the credit-card has been charged for an
individual purchase.
Verification of that fact is available, by simply viewing YOUR COPY of the
ORIGINAL INVOICE (included in the package, when your order is shipped).
The Invoice will contain NO credit card information ~ just the statement that
your Order Is Being Processed, and will have the 'CUSTOMER-COPY'
of the original credit charge-slip attached to it for your billing records.
No credit-card information is attached to, nor maintained in, any of our stored records.
No personal information, is EVER given to ANY third-party.

To make it possible for us to quickly duplicate past-orders for our customers, when requested;
we maintain the production-details of all orders, for a period of three years.


ZAP Custom Lure Co.™
4023 Upton Avenue
Toledo, OH USA 43613-4001

Product information: 1.419.475.2621
US orders ~ toll-free: 1.800.385.LURE
Hours: 8AM to 6PM - Eastern Time Zone ~ Mon.-Sat.
24-hr.FAX: 1.419.475.2736

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