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About Us


The ZAP Custom Lure Company was founded in 1971, by Dennis Bryant, a professional tournament-angler; to produce the quality of lures he wanted & needed for his own tournament-use.
Our ONLY office, showroom, and manufacturing facility, is located in Toledo, Ohio, USA.

The ZAP Lures' staff has but one goal in mind ~ to produce the very highest-quality,
100% American-Made, freshwater fishing lures; available anywhere, at any price.
Every one of our lures is: "Made to ~ CATCH FISH ~ not fishermen"!

Our products are not mass produced in an offshore factory, making low-cost lures, for store sales.
Instead, they're made in Toledo, OH, USA; one-at-a-time; to YOUR EXACT SPECIFICATIONS;
using only the finest-quality, American-Made component-parts & finishes.

Every order we receive, is produced with the same exacting attention to detail,
that you would expect, if YOU were making the lure for yourself.
We don't claim to make the 'best-looking' lures on the market ~ we just make ours
WORK BETTER & LAST LONGER than the others do!
Even though they DO LOOK nearly as good as they WORK; you & I both know
a lure's primary job isn't to just sit there & LOOK GOOD on the end of your fishing-line.
Their ONLY PURPOSE for being on the end of your fishing line, is to catch fish!!!
The primary function of 'ZAP Lures', is to help you catch more & bigger fish!
We think they do their job quite well! After you've tried them, I believe you'll agree!

AND, we'll do all we possibly can, to earn it!
Give us a try! You won't be disappointed!

ZAP Custom Lure Co.
4023 Upton Avenue
Toledo, OH USA 43613-4001

Product information: 1.419.475.2621
US Orders: Toll-Free: 1.800.385.LURE
Hours: 8AM to 6PM - Eastern Time ~ Mon.-Sat.
24-hr.FAX: 1.419.475.2736