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Swimmin' Jigs

Swimmin' Jigs

These "Swedish-Pimple" style of jigs, can be tipped with a
Single-Tail Grub, a Twin-Tail Grub, a rubber worm, a pork "Spin-Strip", or even live bait.
Functional, and versatile, they can totally change appearance and action, with each use.
Only your imagination can limit the possibilities for their uses.

Aberdeen-Style hooks, assure retrieval from most snags; and seven-layers of
hand-applied color-finish, makes it nearly indestructible.
We offer three size/weight options; making it possible to catch nearly any
species of freshwater fish; from coast to coast & border to border.

This is a fantastic lure for an inexperienced angler to use!
No matter how it's fished, it can't be fished wrong ~ and, it always catches fish!

Use the ZAP Lures Color Chart for your color choice.

Currently, there are no products in this category. Check back soon for new additions!

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