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** The ZAP Custom Lure Co.™ PRIVACY POLICY **

The ZAP Custom Lure Company™
divulge, transfer, sell, or give away, any personal information given to us by you,
to any 'Third-Party' recepient; unless required by law or a court order to do so!

This policy includes: your name; email address; street address; phone number(s); credit card information; and, any and all other personal identifying information, that you may inadvertantly provide to us for any reason.

We believe in totally respecting your individual and/or business's privacy;
and we sincerely appreciate your confidence in us, and in our products.


If you are a new customer, please be sure to 'log-in'

Once logged in, you may continue to browse and shop our top quality 100% American-made lures and fishing accessories. When you place an order, you will not have to re-type your personal information again, for this order, or for future orders.
Be sure to be included in our "Specials" notification, by selecting the 'YES' option when asked if you wish to be added to our mailing list.
This will ensure you are notified immediately about un-advertised product specials, and new products, as soon as they become available.
Other than confirmation of, or questions pertaining to, THIS ORDER, you will receive no additional correspondence from ZAP Lures® unless you have opted to join our mailing list!
Occasionally, we send out an email to those that have "opted in" on our mailing list; to inform those individuals of current "SPECIALS", or of new products, or of new options that have been made available on our lures. At no time will we send "spam" to the customers on our mailing list.


When you find the product you wish to order; select the number of product you wish to order, color, size, etc., and click the 'Order Now!' button. You will be taken to a shopping cart where you will view the product(s) you have selected. You may make changes to your order at any time here.

When you've finished shopping; merely select 'checkout'. You will be given an option of TOTALLY SECURE ONLINE PURCHASES; placing your order by mail; or sending your order to us by fax. Whichever means you choose; just follow the step-by-step instructions given for that transmittal means as you are guided through the ordering process.


GIFT CERTIFICATES issued by the ZAP Custom Lure Company ™
are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue.

They may be used toward the purchase of any/all item(s) found in the
ZAP Custom Lure Company Retail Catalog.

A copy of the CURRENT catalog, an order form, (and, if requested, a gift-card)
will accompany each GIFT CERTIFICATE issued.

GIFT-CERTIFICATE orders, may be placed: online, by phone, by fax, or by mail;
as is true with all of our orders.

Normal, Priority-Mail shipping charges, will apply to all orders,
including those orders placed using Gift-Certificates.

A MasterCard, or a VISA credit-card, may be used to pay any charges
(including shipping)
that may exceed the face amount of the Gift-Certificate.

There are never; ISSUE FEES, or REDEMPTION FEES, or any other fees;
associated with the use of our GIFT-CERTIFICATES.


When you are finished ordering, or wish to place another order under a different 'screen-name', go to the 'Log-in Page' and select 'Log-out' then log in again in the new 'screen-name'. That's all there is to it!

Additional Assistance: --

If you still have any questions at all about our products, or about operation on our website:

Email any question to us at:

Or, call us directly at: 1-419-475-2621
from 8AM to 6 PM EST, Mon. thru Sat. (except for holidays)

Or, write to us at:
ZAP Custom Lure Co.™
4023 Upton Ave. Avenue
Toledo, OH ~ USA ~ 43613-4001

Thank you for visiting with us today! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Dennis Bryant
- Owner -
ZAP Custom Lure Co.™

ZAP Custom Lure Co.
4023 Upton Avenue
Toledo, OH USA 43613-4001

Product information: 1.419.475.2621
US Orders: Toll-Free: 1.800.385.LURE
Hours: 8AM to 6PM - Eastern Time ~ Mon.-Sat.
24-hr.FAX: 1.419.475.2736