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What's On Sale

Looking for a way to stretch your lure-buying dollars?
I think we can help with that!

We offer ~ "tournament-quality", freshwater fishing lures & accessory items,
that are 100% Made in the USA.
Our prices will usually meet, or beat, the prices of most imported goods;
AND, ours are Custom-made for you, with "100% American-Made Quality" & durability, that far surpasses that of most imported products!

Again in 2016, we've continued using "2010's-PRICING", on nearly every item in our 100% American-Made product line.
We've been able to keep our prices down, by reducing our overhead-costs & profit-margins ~ not by reducing our quality!

Compare our tournament-quality, and low everyday prices, with ANY other manufacturer's products & prices.
It helps in making your buying decision just that much easier.
We want to earn your business, by always providing MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

Remember; "Our lures are made to CATCH FISH ~ not fishermen!"
I think you'll find that, basically all our products, are "ON SALE!"

Walleye Lures


ZAP Custom Lure Co.
4023 Upton Avenue
Toledo, OH USA 43613-4001

Product information: 1.419.475.2621
US Orders: Toll-Free: 1.800.385.LURE
Hours: 8AM to 6PM - Eastern Time ~ Mon.-Sat.
24-hr.FAX: 1.419.475.2736