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Please take a minute or two to check out our new Perch-Spreaders & Drop-Weights.
You'll find that the combination of the two, when used with a pair of snelled-hooks (in your favorite live-bait size);
will provide the best Perch-fishing results you've experienced in years!

The drop-weight, automatically positions our spreader-arms just 10-inches off the bottom.
That places your baited hooks, 2" above the bottom, right in front of the Perch!
The Lake Erie charter-captains, who helped us perfect this 2-piece setup; tell me they've already had
a full boat of inexperienced anglers, catch their limit of Perch, in just over an hour!
They love using them!

Our Heavy-Duty Stainless-Spring-Steel Spreaders have a center-balanced, 22"-spread between the hook-attachment loops.
The loops are kept securely closed by sliding spring-steel closures, that encircle the arm & loop-ends.
The line-attachment, is a solid-brass snap-swivel, locked in position between a pair of bearing-beads & wire-bends;
to keep it centered in the spreader, allowing no-tangle drops, and easy weight-changes.

The thing you'll probably like best about our spreaders, is their affordable price!
Try out a few for yourself this year!
You won't be disappointed!


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